Navigating Aurelius

Users can see everything they need to know at a glance from the Aurelius Dashboard, like System Health Parameters, Positions, and Dashboard Earnings.

System Health Parameters

At the top of the page there are boxes for each type of collateral. These will show the current price (via API3 oracle) of each asset, as well as the system’s Total Collateral Ratio (TCR). Click on any of these boxes to see more details.

My Positions

Below is the personal dashboard, where the My Positions box shows each opened or unopened position available. Users are able to open a single position for each collateral type, and any unopened positions will prompt users to get started.

Otherwise they will show up with the position’s current collateral ratio (CR), liquidation price, collateral, and debt.

Earning from the Dashboard

At the top of the dashboard there is an Earn section, where users can see the Stability Pool rates, their deposit, and a button to Stake aUSD.

Open positions will appear on the Dashboard along with other positions.

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