Minting aUSD

Minting aUSD

Navigate to the Aurelius Dashboard to begin creating a position. From your dashboard, click on Get Started in the Open a Position box to open the position creation interface.

The minimum amount that can be borrowed is 50 aUSD.

In the New Position interface, enter the amount of collateral to deposit and the amount of AUSD to borrow.

Aurelius prompts users if they have done anything wrong like borrow too much or too little. See below for an example.

When satisfied with deposit and borrow amounts, click Open Position to perform the necessary transactions. Wallet confirmation is required for each transaction. If a transaction fails, try again. Aurelius will pick up where you left off.

After a position has been opened, it will be visible in the Aurelius Dashboard.

As an official Aurelius user, it’s time to learn how to earn with aUSD.

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