Stability Pool

The Stability Pool is the ultimate source of aUSD liquidity for Aurelius, designed to repay debt from liquidated positions and establish a consistent source of yield for aUSD.

When positions are liquidated under normal circumstances, an amount of aUSD equal to that position’s remaining debt is burned from the Stability Pool’s balance for repayment. In exchange, the entire collateral from the position is transferred to the Stability Pool.

To users, these liquidations can be thought of like purchases of discounted collateral each time a position becomes unhealthy. A user’s balance of aUSD will continuously decline as their balance of collateral tokens will continuously increase.

Remember, the staUSD vault is available to compound these discounted assets back into aUSD.

Benefits of the Stability Pool

  • Single-Sided pool

  • Excellent source of real yield for aUSD depositors

  • Easy way to earn xAU rewards

  • Ensures efficient and reliable liquidations for aUSD

Generally speaking, the Stability Pool is not locked and remains accessible. However, withdrawals may be temporarily suspended whenever there are positions with collateral ratio below MCR that have not been liquidated yet.

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