Zero-Interest aUSD Lending

Aurelius issues interest-free loans denominated in the $aUSD stablecoin. Instead of paying interest, users pay a 0.5% issuance fee, meaning they don’t need to worry about micro-managing their position.

There is no fee for paying back a loan.

aUSD Loan Example

  • If a user deposits sufficient collateral, they can take out a 100 aUSD loan.

  • Their total debt will appear as 105.5 aUSD, which is made up of a 0.5% issuance fee (in this case 0.5 aUSD), 5 aUSD held as a liquidation deposit, and 100 aUSD minted to the user’s wallet.

  • When the user pays back 100.5 aUSD, the 5 aUSD liquidation deposit will automatically be paid into their position and the position will be closed.

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